The Royals Visit Australia

During the latest stage of their tour of Australia, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (akaWilliam and Kate) visited the Sydney Royal Easter Show, where they were treated to sheep-shearing display.

The Duchess of Cambridge got her own back for her husband’s jibes about her dress sense – the Duke had teased her for wearing a yellow dress that made her “look like a banana” — by suggesting he should wear an alpaca toupée to cover his rapidly thinning hair.
The cartoon by Bob from the Daily Telegraph shows the scene in a park near Sydney (note the Opera House). All the people are either dressed as bananas or wearing alpaca toupées. A couple of men are having a beer beside a barbecue, and one says to the other, “Mate, the Royals are great, but how much influence do they actually have?”
Queen Elizabeth is still Australia’s head of state, and although there is a strong Republican movement in Australia, the Royals seem to be more popular than ever. So the joke is that the Australians may like to think that they’re not obsessed with the Royal family, but the latest Royal tour, where William and Kate have been greeted like, royalty, suggests otherwise.

How many Australian stereotypes can you identify? There’s cricket, the Sydney Opera House, a koala bear, drinking beer, the barbecue (aka barbie), the use of the word ‘mate’, and, of course, kangaroos.


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